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I'm Devina and I'm a Student

I am currently a Freshamn at the University of Washington majoring in Informatics with a SWE track. I am from San Diego, California, and this is one of my very first websites! To learn more about me, feel free to click on the below button to access my resume, or navigate to the "Read More" option on the "My Skills" tab. Still have questons? Contact me on the very last page or click the hyperlink in the footer for a quick Google Search (I am the most popular Devina Tavathia on Google)!

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My Skills

My Skills and Experiences

This website was built using HTML, CSS, and minimal Javascript. I have learned most of my front-end skills from participating in Dubvelopers, a webdev club, as well as internet videos and articles. I took a class in R my first quarter at UW where we deployed a shiny application as our final project (more infomration in the "projects" section). I have used SQL to code a database from scratch (also in "projects section), and finally Java is the very first programming language I was introduced to.

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JAVA 80%
SQL 70%
HTML 55%
R 50%
CSS 40%
Javascript 10%



INFO 360

(Basics of Figma & the Design Process)


INFO 201

(Basics of R programming)


(Uses R concepts to explain foundational statistics knowledge)


INFO 330

(Basics of SQL)

CSE 142

(Introduction to Java (Part 1))

CSE 143

(Introduction to Java (Part 2))


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